Customer Testimonials and Reviews

Eileen, Chelmsford Jan 2016

"Just wanted to drop you a line as soon as possible to let you know how pleased we are with our secondary glazing:  we knew it was going to be good but it has far exceeded our expectations! You really do not notice it is there.  I have just re-read the intro on your website and it does say virtually invisible but I suppose like everything you tend to take that statement with a pinch of salt – but it is exactly right. You really have to take a second look to realise it is there. We’ve been looking for something acceptable for quite a few years now, directly the CosyGlazing was fitted it felt warmer immediately and those rooms have now kept a similar temperature to the rest of the house which has never happened before"

Joanna, Devon Oct 2015

"The work carried out by the team was superb and we are really pleased by the standard of fit and finish. Our aim will be to have the remaining windows completed around Easter time."


"I am very pleased with the work carried out, it`s certainly a lot quieter."


"The team were extremely tidy given the work to be done and kept me up to date.

The change in temperature, noise, drafts and radiator heat has surprised me - no longer cold even on frosty mornings with no heat on !"

Ruth, Braunton

"I am very pleased with my secondary glazing, even in the kitchen where I was concerned that I might find it rather intrusive. I’m especially pleased with the way Sam managed to refit the roller blinds.

Although it is early days the glazing does seem to be working effectively. Both of the guys who worked on my home (Sam and Rob) were honest, polite, professional and hardworking and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them. "

Judith Weeks, Woking

"Thank you for the magnetic double glazing. The weather hasn’t been cold enough to appreciate the insulation, but not to have windows running with condensation is worth every penny."

Jill Mohiki, Bridport

"I would like to commend the workers from Cosy Home who installed my internal glazing and refurbished my sash windows for their professionalism and high standard of workmanship. They worked hard and were friendly and polite throughout their stay. All contact with the company was received in a friendly and professional manner. I would highly recommend this company to other potential customers."

Mr S., London

"We have just returned from Italy and are thrilled with our new insulating
windows. They are very discreet and smart and will clearly provide
excellent insulation. The front door also is quite transformed and fits
much more snugly into its frame."

Thena Kendall, London

"Kevin and Matthew were a delight to have in our home, and they have done a wonderful job.  Many thanks for organising such an efficient service. All good wishes Thena."

 Bill Thatcher, Redland Quaker Meeting House, Bristol

"We looked everywhere for a solution and couldn't find anything that looked good until we found CosyGlazing.  And some of the quotes we had were vastly expensive.  But what you have done is better than I expected, and good soundproofing too - it's amazing.  I think it’s a fantastic job.  Much better than I thought it was going to look, I must admit.  Our customers who use the space will be really pleased." 

Barbara & Peter Hickling. Plymouth

"Many thanks for all your careful work at our home the house is feeling very cosy!  We very much enjoyed the company of you and your team and we hope and expect your company to thrive in the future.  In the current harsh economic conditions it is inspiring that you have set up a business which clearly fosters a happy and harmonious working environment."

Mr & Mrs F

"Thank you so much for all you have done for our house. It really feels like a different house that we are living in warm and snug. Kevin and Will were a pleasure to have around. They did everything so well and without any mess!"

Nigel & Julie Evans, Dorcheter-on-Thames
"We are very pleased with the work Kevin & Mathew did here. We are already enjoying increased comfort levels, most noticeably in the dining room and kitchen. So far I've turned the front thermostat down 1 deg C, but depending how it goes I expect I'll be able to reduce it further. Overall I am pleased to find that the windows look rather better than I had envisaged with the Plexiglas fitted; especially the big window downstairs. The additional frame blends well with the existing window."

Ben Dossett, Bristol

"I had CosyGlazing installed a year ago and my gas bills for this year have been lower than they were seven years ago!"


Catherine Boyd, Dorset

"We are thrilled with the CosyGlazing. It has quite transformed our lives. As I hoped it would. The windows are very discreet, good looking and do the job brilliantly. Thank you so much."

Tom Carnac, Bath

"We are stunned by how fantastic the CosyGlazing is in terms of additional warmth, keeping out the drafts and also soundproofing. We'd like to get you back to do the rest!"

Richard St. George, Bristol

"I didn't imagine the CosyGlazing would be that invisible. You'd have to look really hard to notice it. It's brilliant."

Alastair Langlands, Alton

"It’s been wonderful, really un-expectedly good. When there have been cold winds we haven't put on the heating and the whole house has remained perfectly comfortable."

Polly Thompson, Devon

"The CosyGlazing fitted throughout my house is exemplary. There were difficult problems to solve such as fitting to hardwood French doors with bevelled glass, and an arch-shaped Georgian glazed light. The finished results are discrete and elegant, with consistently fine craftsmanship and thorough attention to detail throughout. And the heat retention in my house has improved immeasurably."

Noreen Duwell, Devon

"Last year I had to have both the Rayburn and the oil-fired heater on in the kitchen. This year, with CosyGlazing, we only used the Rayburn and didn’t even have to wear a jumper."