Sloping Ceiling Insulation

Sloping ceilings at the sides of ceilings in bedrooms and upstairs rooms have a very high heat-loss per square metre.  This is because they usually consist of a sheet of plasterboard, a 100mm (4-inch) ventilated gap between the rafters, then battens, felt and tiles.  If you think how this compares to an 18-inch wall or 12 inches of loft insulation it becomes clear how little insulating effect they have, making them responsible for a lot of cold in these rooms.  As a minimum of 50mm ventilation is required between the rafters, taking down the plasterboard to  insulate behind a sloping ceiling is very expensive and disruptive for little gain.

High Efficiency Insulation to Save you Money

Cosy Home Sloping Ceiling Insulation consists of Thermal laminate boarding. This is a high efficiency insulation board (Celotex or Kingspan are two available brands) with plasterboard glued to it that is applied to the underneath of the sloping ceilings, by screwing through to the rafters.  Gaps around the edges are then filled and the whole area is re-plastered.  Because the extra material costs little more, 100mm (4 inch) thickness is recommended wherever possible, but if you are limited on head-room then 50mm is still effective. 

Since this is labour intensive due to the plastering, sloping ceiling insulation is the 4th most cost effective insulation measure after draught proofing, loft insulation and secondary glazing, but still offers an attractive return on investment in terms of money saved on heating bills, typically in the region of 10% return per year.  So if you have covered the other areas first, this is a very attractive next step for warmth, efficiency and saving money.

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