Eco-Friendly Sheep Wool Loft Insulation

CosyHome installs Thermafleece loft insulation which is made of sheep wool, chosen for its many beneficial properties. These include a 60 year life compared to 15 years for glass wool, an increase in insulation properties in damp conditions, it is treated with natural Borax to prevent damage from pests, it is not irritating to skin and respiratory systems, support for British sheep farmers, improving economic resilience and it uses little energy in manufacture, making it an eco-friendly choice.

Loft Insulation Bristol

Loft Insulation Specialists from Truro to Bristol

Our thermafleece loft insulation is ideal for period homes and listed properties, we are based in North Devon and have recently opened an office in Bristol. We can supply our thermafleece loft insulation to owners of country homes and traditional period properties across the South West, including Truro, Plymouth, Exeter, Taunton, Bath and Bristol, as well as across the UK.

Additional Loft Insulation services available from CosyHome

CosyHome offer a range of additional energy saving products and services that are designed to enhance and compliment the benefits of draught proofing, loft insulation and secondary glazing, including:

Loftzone Storefloor loft flooring system – a unique new system that allows the construction of a rapid-build, light weight, high-strength loft floor above a 300mm thickness of loft insulation allowing you to store your suitcases in the loft without reducing thermal efficiency.
Radiator enhancers – wall reflectors that slide down behind the radiators to prevent heat being absorbed into the walls and estimated to reduce energy use by 7% - with a low installation cost.
Sloping ceiling insulation – Thermal laminate boarding consisting of a high efficiency insulation board with plasterboard glued to it that is screwed to the underneath of sloping ceilings in attics and bedrooms and then plastered over.  This solves the problem of sloping ceilings that usually have little or no insulation above them and cause a high degree of heatloss.

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